Specializing in couples and trauma.

Palacios Family Therapy

Eunice A. Palacios Ramírez, LMFT 92962

12 years of experience

I specialize in couples therapy using the evidence based model Emotionally Focused Therapy. I help couples who are disconnected or couples in crisis.

As a trauma informed therapist I help people unpack and heal trauma through Brainspotting.

English and Spanish speaking.


Let's understand how the two of you react to each other. How do you push each other buttons? What emotions and experiences trigger your reactions? How is that the two of you get caught in perpetual arguments where the two of you end farther from each other?

I commit to make a safe space where you can unpack those stories that have been painful, scary, impactful. This time you don't have to go through those experiences alone. I am here for you to hold space for those stories, to facilitate healing and to help you bring light to your resilience.

Do you know how your future spouse feels secured and loved? How are you going to navigate difficulties? How are you going to take important decisions together? Do you share common values? Let me help you set solid foundations for your marriage.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room, lets talk about those emotions and decisions that are difficult to talk about but let's do it in the safety of therapy. Lets break generational patterns and heal together.

Therapy from your home, available to any person residing in the state of California or Florida. Available also for residents of Mexico.

I am licensed in California and Florida. I also have credentials to practice in Mexico.

California: LMFT 92962 Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) (ca.gov)

Florida Telehealth Provider TPMFT208

Florida Telehealth • Pages (flhealthsource.gov)

At your organization request I offer workshops on parenting and couples, as well as presentations on mental health.