Individual Therapy

Some of the topics I have experience with are:

  • Dealing with life transitions.

  • Job and life demands, not being able to find a balance.

  • Navigating a hostile job environment.

  • Family conflicts.

  • Difficult partner relationships.

  • Divorce or separation.

  • Anxiety.

  • Depression.

  • Grief.

  • Trauma (sexual abuse, domestic violence, disturbing experiences).

  • Difficulty regulating your emotions.

  • Relationship between addictive behaviors and emotions.

  • Lack of commitment to change.

  • Not being emotionally present for your family.

  • Breaking patterns, setting boundaries, finding your own voice.

  • Becoming your preferred self.

Some of the topics I have experience with are:

  • Emotional disconnection.

  • Not having your needs and emotions heard by your partner.

  • Lack of intimacy.

  • Constant arguments.

  • Infidelity.

  • Divorce or separation.

  • Not being able to take decisions as a team.

  • Different parenting styles.

  • Differences in ways in which each one feels loved and cared.

Some of the topics I have experience with are:

  • What kind of values do you want to have as a family?

  • Relationships with the in-laws.

  • Making decisions regarding finances, children, job changes, relocation.

  • Military couples.

  • Bicultural couples.

  • Blended families.

  • Differences in faith and spirituality.

  • Differences in parenting styles.

  • How will you navigate conflicts?

  • Understanding each other's attachment needs.

Maybe your family is going through a difficult transition or something very distressing is happening or just happened to the family. I can facilitate a dialogue among all family members where you all can listen to what you need from each other and make meaning together.

Some of the topics I have experience in family therapy are:

  • Divorce, separation.

  • Newly blended families.

  • Illness of a family member.

  • Grief.

  • Preparing for deployment.

  • Addictions.

  • Suicide.

  • Parental incarceration.

  • Deportation of a family member.

  • Survivors of domestic violence.

  • A traumatic event or events that impacted de family.

  • Bicultural families.

  • I have experience facilitating therapy with large families and can go back and forth in Spanish and English or doing a mix of both languages during session.

  • Available to any client located in the state of California.

  • I offer the same quality of counseling I do in person.

  • You are in your own environment where you feel safe.

  • No transportation expenses for you, no babysitters to pay, fits in your busy schedule.

  • Safe way to have therapy due to COVID 19 current situation.

  • I am licensed also in Mexico, which allows me to see via teletherapy clients located in Mexico.

Workshops and Presentations

  • If your church, school or organization wants a workshop on couples or parenting please contact me.

  • If you are interested in having me as a speaker for a presentation please contact me.

    • Examples of presentations I have provided: trauma implications for teachers, parenting during COVID 19 times, the teenager brain.

  • I can create a workshop or presentation specific to your organization needs.